A Message from President Sunser

At Genesee Community College, our focus has always been on the success of our students and the health of the communities we serve. We believe that any investment in education is truly an investment in growth and the future.

Our 2016-2017 academic year was full of new growth, and our dedication to the future is as clear and healthy as ever. From opening two new buildings, to introducing our new success coaches, to our day-to-day focus on student success, we are planting seeds for the future; nurturing a crop of young minds; and helping harvest promising new careers. And much like the agricultural producers who make up this vibrant community, we carefully monitor our efforts and repeat the best practices, each and every year.

The format of this report parallels the agricultural life-cycle so critical to our region:

Plant. Water. Harvest. Repeat.

At its core, GCC plants seeds of knowledge, waters and cultivates the learning experience, recognizes and celebrates the harvest of contributions, and continuously repeats the process to ensure our future. We hope we have captured how our efforts echo the hard-work, innovation and dedication of the farming families and agribusinesses that have long made our community a strong and vibrant place to work, live and grow. Under this cultivation allegory, we hope you will enjoy hearing about a few of our most significant accomplishments this past year.

James M. Sunser, Ed.D.